This website shows a selection of projects that I have done in the past. If there is something that you like, doesn’t matter what, just contact me. I’m glad to hear about your project and discuss how I could help. I have thick skin and am not sensitive to criticism. If you don’t like my initial ideas and designs, we can start from beginning.

Logo Design

Just give me your wishes, ideas and uses for your logo and I'll give you some suggestions. If you like one of them, we'll work it out in detail until you're happy. If you do not like the design, I will come up with something completely new. Once you are satisfied, I will provide you with the logo in all formats and versions with the corresponding color codes and guidelines for use.

Media design

This was the main task in my apprenticeship - so I'm not a first timer. I can take care of the following: layout, format, material (print), input from the client, output channels (web), content & its relevance (hierarchies) and much more. Of course, I can also manage the ordering and supplying of print products - the same applies for a digital and online products and services.


You want photos of people, products, locations or something else - I'll do my best to make you happy with every image. I am not a professional photographer, yet I have a lot of experience with cameras and lenses. Just tell me your wishes and either I or my network of colleagues will get the photos you need. Image editing, for example if your image is too dark, too small, needs retouching or anything else – I am your expert!


I love the medium of video. For this reason, I have taught myself every aspect of it. Animation, live-action, sound design, editing and much more. This is reflected in the finished product. The diversity of skills allows me to create what you need. Whether it be short films, image videos, animations, music and event videos, teasers, interviews, product videos, etc. From storyboarding to script and from shoot to edit the customer is involved in the entire process to ensure that the project is a success.

individual parts

con con: [/kɒn/]. Everyone has heard the word before, right? "chilli con carne" Simply translated, this only means "chilli with beef". Same applies in my case "design con vinz" = "designing with vinz".

vinz "Vinz" is just the short form of my name "Vinzent". The spelling with "z" makes it less common and also helps in the recognition value of the company name.

convinz The "convinz" is a pun on the English word "convince" [/kənˈvɪns/]. This means in German "überzeuge" and that's what I do with my services. In short, it is design that convinces.

design The word design in my name means to me that I would like to convey your statement to the rest of the world to your satisfaction. My intention is to do it in a meaningful and beautiful way.